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About us
Teamotion is first and foremost about people and their emotions
we are very glad that you are here, welcome to Teamotion tea store
The idea to create this product was born 5 years ago and only now we managed to realize our plan. We want to give you sensations and tastes that will immerse you in the best sensations.

In our store you will find tea from China, Thailand, herbal mixtures from Siberia or Altai, which we prepared ourselves. Thanks to you, our range will expand. We hope we can continue to travel the world and bring you the best teas.
Our mission
With this project we want to bring people into the habit of daily tea drinking.

Giving people the best emotions and service is our foundation, and we know that we can offer you an amazing experience.

What is tea for us? It's meditation, calmness, a healthy lifestyle, a variety of flavours and support during working hours (oh yes, many teas help you focus!)

What is tea for you?
Non-tea drinks
all about herbal tea
Herbal tea is more properly called a non-tea beverage because it does not include tea leaves or very little of them. It has been known since ancient times. Much earlier than the Chinese created tea, healers began to use herbal or berry decoctions and infusions, which had a beneficial effect on the body. They are used even today. They have a pleasant taste, rich aroma and benefits.
The history of tea in China
Tea in China is an integral part of the country's cultural traditions. With the development of Chinese society, tea production has also contributed to the economic growth of the Middle Kingdom, while tea drinking remains a daily habit for most of the Chinese population.
Tea as art
and how it inspires
There are two types of people in the world: coffee drinkers and tea drinkers. Brian Kesinger is an American illustrator and animator who worked for the Walt Disney Company for over 16 years. He makes tea not only in his spare time, but also right in his art studio. However, this tasty drink Brian uses not quite for its intended purpose, because tea for him is a kind of paint, with which you can create amazing paintings in steampunk style.
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